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Dread Sovereign - Pray to the devil in man (2013)

What is this? For a starter, some records should have a label mentioning with small but clear letters "danger of overexcitement". When I first heard that Primordial’s main man, Alan Averill is releasing a doom metal thing, it interested me but I let it somehow pass by my ears. Then “Pray to the devil in man” was released and it buried me six feet below sea level. There’s something cursed in the Irish extreme metal scene and I don’t know exactly what it is, but they manage to pull off some brilliant wretched metal. No generic crap. However, here I am not even touching the matter of mediocrity, this EP is really fucking good.

Consisting of 3 tracks, with an overall length a bit more than 20 minutes, it’s got no note that’s not at its place. I wish it were at least twice its duration and hope for a full-blooded release sometime soon. Musically, the EP is a mixture of the classiest parts of Primordial’s latter albums and mind crushing doom with a fairly good modern production, which fails at no time. In my opinion, the most impressive track is the third one; I feel they’ve left it for last to completely finish you. It’s basically 9-minute vocal cursing, which bursts at the end just to throw you a mile from where you were just sitting before the song began. Typical structure for a doom metal song, but I’m still excited like I hear something of that sort for a first time. And maybe in some ways I do, because how often do you hear ‘Primordial goes doom.’ The songs don’t vary greatly, speed being always mid slow. Personally, it reminds me of another favourite band from England, Gallow God. There’s something similar in the manner of tranquil and bleak delivery.

Don’t worry if Twilight of the God wasn’t your thing, this piece here is quite different. While Twilight of the God were okay, generic at best, “Pray to the devil in man” is class. Maybe it has something to do with my personal taste, but I think it’s among the best EPs I’ve heard in the recent months and damn, I listen to a lot of bands.

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