неделя, 28 декември 2014 г.

Blood Farmers - Headless Eyes (2014)

It's a late night, I'm tired from a prolonged period filled with indecent bands in the doom 'scene' and as hardly something these days captures my attention enough so that I'd be bothered to write a review, I'll stop myself on a band that really deserves your and my time - Blood Farmers.

You thought correctly (or you were from the bigger amount of people who didn't), they are very likely named after one of the pinnacles of low budget crappy horror cinema – “The Invasion of the Blood Farmers” (1972) and that suits them quite well I'd say; with the only exception in the quality of material. Because low budget or not, “Headless eyes” is a damn stellar example of doom.

Being quite a big doom metal fan and whatnot, I'd say that Blood Farmers are the best thing out there that this kind of music has to offer these days. No exceptions. No wizards, no bongs, this is the real deal. While many of the titans, for example Electric wizard, (since already mentioned) have lost their grip and other veterans chose to drink tea on their English porches and take care of business matters, the band present here still has this kicking guts atmosphere that all of us traditional doom lovers cherish. If you like oldschool Hammer films and old comics to go with your music, you might enjoy this even more. 

The tunes present possess all these bits and pieces that would make them perfect to be the soundtrack of a suspension moment in films like "Susperia" and *put the name of your favourite Argento movie here*. These men have really made it hard for new Italian composers to top the tunes present on "Headless eyes". If any director of a cheap horror wants to use the best soundtrack possible, just spin something like "The Creeper" or "Night of the Sorcerers" and they'd be bought and sold. While this album might not be extremely heavy in the common way heavy is understood, it is truly exceptional and may I add, a level up the class of the bands' previous albums. My personal favourite is the self-titled track, with its atmosphere that screams 'an old Victorian house with creaking staircase' and absolutely amazing solo guitar. Generally, there is not that much psychedelia on this track as on the rest, but it is still fucking perfect. The two ending ones are also 10/10, absolute classics of psychedelic rock/doom. 

It's quite exciting for me that music like that is still made in 2014. Maybe the times are not as dark as they seem when you watch the local store's music magazine covers. What are you waiting for? Go check it out, scare yourself!